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A German flag as a symbol of German quality

German design expertise

Hiking- & trekking umbrella

Discover the ultimate design for advengers
Secure carabiner hook handle
Perfect for freehand hiking

Quick Safety hiking umbrella in green
USP Icons- quick-safty- Windproof


A person with a reflective umbrella in an accident situation.


A circle with stars arranged around it symbolises 360-degree reflection.



A man walks with an umbrella



A delivery van with the text 'Free shipping' on the side



A letterbox that draws attention to our friendly customer service

customer service

 A symbol of a product with German design quality and expertise

German design

A symbol for patented products


What makes the Quick Safety so unique?

This special umbrella was developed to increase the safety and protection of people in road traffic. It offers pedestrians, schoolchildren and people affected by car breakdowns or accidents increased safety by reducing the risk of road accidents thanks to its eye-catching design.

Two reflective Quick Safety umbrellas in two views for day and night to show a comparison.

A world first
The patented umbrella for more
visibility & protection!

  • 3 cm wide reflective strips offer increased visibility, thus safety and protection. 
    They are attached as a closed circle above and below the individual ribs.
    No matter whether it is raining, snowing or dark, you will be seen better

  • Reflective up to 150 metres. 

  • In the event of an accident, you are visible and dry at the same time.

Keep the dark at bay!
Reflective kids umbrellas for a safe journey to school!

  • Eye-catching bright colours in combination with 3 cm wide reflective stripes ensure maximum visibility.

  • The integrated warning triangle symbol offers additional safety on the way to school.

  • The ergonomically shaped handle makes it easy for children to hold and use their umbrella.

  • Whether in rain, snow or darkness, our umbrella makes it easier to be seen.

  • The reflective stripes make the umbrella visible up to 150 metres away.

Two pupils with the Quick Safety children's umbrella in front of the school, with two comparative views in bright and dark light.
A Quick Safety umbrella that reflects strongly in the dark
A rescue service with a Quick Safety umbrella on the motorway, and a man with a Quick Safety emergency umbrella wa
A person with a reflective umbrella in an accident situation.
A circle with stars arranged around it symbolises 360-degree reflection

Emergency and breakdown umbrella
Mini & Golf umbrellas 

  • Versatility in applications: This umbrella was not only designed for golfers, but is also ideal for a wide range of applications, whether for leisure, emergency services or professional use. It is your reliable partner in any situation.

  • Patented design with advantages: The sophisticated design features of the Quick Safety® XL golf umbrella offer numerous advantages compared to conventional products

Innovative advertising 
The umbrella with QR code as a modern marketing tool

  • Digital marketing in the palm of your hand: The QR code printed on the umbrella allows customers to access your latest offers and products with a simple scan

  • Update your offers effortlessly: The QR code on the umbrella allows you to customise your offers at any time, without additional costs for printing and advertising

  • Patented elegance: Our design is not only functional, but also unique and patented. Stand out from the crowd and present your company in style

  • Cost-efficient marketing: Avoid high advertising costs and unnecessary paper consumption. Our QR code umbrella offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to advertise your company

A promotional umbrella from Quick Safety with logo and QR code.

Manufacturer's warnings:

Caution! This umbrella is not a substitute for the mandatory safety waistcoat. It is intended to support safety.

Caution! The umbrella only provides protection against the weather.

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