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Discover the revolutionary QR code umbrella - your key to modern marketing! Umbrellas not only offer protection from the rain, but also a unique way to put your company in the digital spotlight. Our patented QR code umbrella combines style and innovation to take your marketing to new levels. Use the innovative power of the QR code to promote your business and generate more sales. 

With free choice, you can order your favorite umbrella in the color you want. In addition, special colors are also available and can be ordered with your company logo for better recognition.

Order now and increase your visibility in a modern and environmentally friendly way!

QR code umbrella

SKU: QS-6001
VAT Included
  • Why should you choose our QR code umbrella?

    • Digital marketing in the palm of your hand: The QR code printed on the umbrella allows customers to access your latest offers and products with a simple scan. Say goodbye to complex brochures and environmentally harmful paper.
    • Update your offers effortlessly: The QR code on the umbrella allows you to customize your offers at any time, without additional costs for printing and advertising. Always keep your customers up to date, no matter where they are.
    • Patented Elegance: Our design is not only functional, but also unique and patented. Stand out from the crowd and present your company in style.
    • Cost-effective marketing: Avoid high advertising costs and unnecessary paper consumption. Our QR code umbrella offers a sustainable and cost-effective way to advertise your business.
    • Environmentally friendly and sustainable: Reduce your ecological footprint by using environmentally friendly advertising materials. The QR code umbrella is a sustainable choice for your business.
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