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Add a touch of elegance to your rainy days while protecting yourself from the rigors of the weather. Our premium umbrellas are not just a simple accessory, but a statement of your individual style.

The robust materials and first-class workmanship make our stick umbrellas reliable companions in all weather conditions.

The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to hold and gives you control over style and function. Our umbrellas are not only protection from the rain, but also an eye-catcher for fashion-conscious people.

Stick umbrella

SKU: QS-4001
VAT Included
  • 1. Excellent visibility: The reflective strips are characterized by very good visibility and can be easily seen even in fog or heavy precipitation. They are 3 cm extra wide as a closed circle above and below the individual ribs of the umbrella. Provide increased visibility and therefore more safety and protection. Reflective up to 150 meters.

    2. Design & quality: The ergonomic handle made of high-quality plastic, with the elegantly integrated auto-open button in chrome look, makes handling easy and reliable.

    3. Unique: The stick umbrella from Quick Safety is unique among umbrellas worldwide. 100% waterproof and repellent. The umbrella is supplied with a color-matching, portable protective cover.

    4. Quality: Premium fiberglass segments. Extremely resilient and robust wind resistance.

    5. Dimensions: closed 83cm long, 8 ribs, with a canopy size of 105cm it offers space for 2 people. Thanks to its high-quality fiberglass frame, it also weighs just 488g. High-quality materials and quality assurance control down to the smallest detail.

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