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Present your brand in any weather: personalized umbrellas for a distinctive appearance!

Umbrellas are not only practical companions on rainy days, but also blank canvases waiting to carry your brand image. Discover the possibilities of printed personalization and give your company unique visibility.

Turn rainy days into an opportunity to let your brand shine. Order our high-quality, printed umbrellas today and get a unique, mobile advertising space that can help make your business better known!


SKU: QS-7001
VAT Included
  • Why choose our personalized umbrellas?

    • Distinctive Brand Presence: Make sure your brand is front and center during every shower. Our umbrellas provide an exclusive space for your company logo or a customized message to highlight your brand.
    • Stylish individuality: Give your marketing a personal touch. Printed personalization allows you to choose not only your logo, but also colors and designs that perfectly match your brand identity.
    • Mobile Advertising Space: With our personalized umbrellas, your customers and employees will literally carry your brand through the streets. Increase your brand visibility every time you use it, be it on the way to work, shopping or at events.
    • Weather-resistant quality: Our umbrellas not only offer an effective advertising space, but also first-class quality and weather resistance. This makes them not only an advertising medium, but also a practical companion.
    • Invest in your brand – Invest in personalized umbrellas!
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