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As a hiking and leisure umbrella, the Quick Safety Hiking-Trekking umbrella with its compact and self-closing carabiner hook handle provides optimal service. It is the perfect companion for everyday life and leisure. By gently pressing the snap fastener, the umbrella can be easily attached anywhere - for example on a school bag, belt loop or dog leash.

Highly reflective stripes all around ensure more safety. 

Hiking-Trekking umbrella

SKU: QS-3001 SKU 300101
€32.95 Regular Price
€29.66Sale Price
VAT Included
    • World first: The hiking umbrella is ideal for everyday life and leisure activities. By gently pressing the side of the handle, a bracket opens, allowing the umbrella umbrella to be hung anywhere.
    • Security & Protection: Highly reflective strips all around ensure more safety and can be easily seen even in fog or heavy precipitation. At 3 cm extra wide, they are attached as a closed circle above and below the individual ribs of the umbrella, offering increased visibility and therefore more safety and protection. Reflective up to 150 meters.
    • Design & Quality: The ergonomic rounded handle fits well and firmly in the hand and can therefore be held well in strong winds. Thanks to an integrated segment suspension and folding mechanism, the umbrella roof springs back in strong winds and is not broken.
    • Compact: With a size of only 32cm, the pocket umbrella fits in any handbag, car door shelf or backpack. Thanks to its high-quality 8 metal fiberglass reinforced ribs, it only weighs 415g.
    • Unique: The hiking umbrella can be attached to the bag, so it doesn't get lost when carrying out your everyday needs at school or hiking.
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